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    Saul Steinberg and Kurt Vonnegut

    In A Man Without A Country, Vonnegut called Steinberg “the wisest person I ever met in my entire life”:

    I could ask him anything, and six seconds would pass, and then he would give me a perfect answer, gruffly, almost a growl. He was born in Romania, in a house where, according to him, “the geese looked in the windows.”

    I said, “Saul, how should I feel about Picasso?”

    Six seconds passed, and then he said, “God put him on Earth to show us what it’s like to be really rich.” I said, “Saul, I am a novelist, and many of my friends are novelists and good ones, but when we talk I keep feeling we are in a very different businesses. What makes me feel that way?”

    Six seconds passed, and then he said, “It’s very simple. There are two sorts of artists, one not being in the least superior to the other. But one responds to the history of his or her art so far, and the other responds to life itself.”

    I said, “Saul, are you gifted?

    Six seconds passed, and then he growled, “No. But what you respond to in any work of art is the artist’s struggle against his or her limitations.’

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    Untitled photo, by Graham Hamby.

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  3. Un proyectil


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    Me levanto poco antes del amanecer, después de una noche bastante buena; un viento bastante fuerte ahuyenta las nubes bajas; cielo de pizarra; no hay ni un rayo, ni una sonrisa del cielo a la tierra; árboles desnudos; enormes vuelos giratorios de chovas y de cornejas por encima de la avenida y del…


  6. "

    There are three sorts of appetites:

    1. Appetite that comes from hunger. It makes no fuss over the food that satisfies it. If it is great enough, a piece of raw meat will appease it as easily as a roasted pheasant or woodcock.

    2. Appetite aroused, hunger or no hunger, by a succulent dish appearing at the right moment, illustrating the proverb that hunger comes with eating.

    The third type of appetite is that roused at the end of a meal when, after normal hunger has been satisfied by the main courses, and the guest is truly ready to rise without regret, a delicious dish holds him to the table with a final tempting of his sensuality.

    — Three Musketeers and Count of Monte Cristo author Alexandre Dumas, born on this day in 1802, was a secret gastronome – here’s his advice on the 3 types of appetite, 3 types of gluttony, and perfect number of dinner party guests.  (via explore-blog)
  7. Peru: 150 Mummies of Ancient Unknown Civilization Discovered in Atacama Desert [PHOTOS]  


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    “When it comes, I feel a dark satisfaction, something akin to the satisfaction in recognizing a friend’s betrayal.”

    Rebecca Sacks on the sirens returning to Jerusalem.

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    192 notes?

    important world update:

    Gaza + Palestine are under attack by Israel, death toll currently at 27 :(

    This has been a long and destructive period between Israel + Palestine. If anyone has any reliable sources to learn more about what’s going on at this current moment, please let me know


    Oh my god


    Please note the difference in the headlines.

    International news:

    American news:

    One of these sets of headlines makes it clear which side has the massive military with direct aid and funding from the largest military power on earth, and which side is suffering the brunt of that neocolonialism.

    The other is the New York Times.

    ¿Que tal Israel como próxima sede del mundial de FIFA? Quizá para entonces ya no existan palestinos.

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